Nurture Nature

Trees symbolize peace, tranquility and strength. At the very beginning of our human experience, trees were considered sacred and honorable.Trees are a very important part of the faith. These beautiful and powerful statues of the Mother Goddess harbor the oldest spirits in our faith. In Hinduism all living things are considered sacred in a way. But there are certain plants that have a significant importance in Hinduism. Some of these plants have a lot of medicinal values and that’s why they were given religious important so that people would save them and take care of them. Others have gained importance because of being linked to a God or Goddess in Hindu mythology. Here are just a few plants that are religiously important to Hindus. Always love nature and care for trees and plants.

कर्म, भक्ति और ज्ञान के वृक्ष को लगाए और इसको अपने श्रद्धा के भाव से सींचे। इस वृक्ष को अपने घर की बगिया से इसकी शुरुवात करे। इस वृक्ष की छाया में इंसान को आध्यात्मिक शांति और सुख मिलेगा। और इसी वृक्ष के लगाने में जनहित का कल्याण है और स्वयं का भी कल्याण है।